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Our Story

The Origin of Endo

The name Endo was inspired by 90’s hip hop culture, which frequently shouts out “indo”, referring to high quality indoor-grown cannabis. Additionally, the word Endo is a prefix, meaning to come from within. Our name is a nod to the songs that helped normalize cannabis, and our vertically integrated methods of business. You’ll often hear music playing in our store for this very reason.

Our logo features the beloved Zia symbol in the background, representing our roots. In front is our signature purple hummingbird, inspired by our personal life experiences.

Endo's Mission

Today, Endo is a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary. We are working hard at getting our own grow up and running. Indoor cannabis production can be a heavy polluter, when taking water and power usage into account. Endo’s mission is to produce cannabis sustainably without sacrificing quality. We have just the plan for it, too. Endo takes feedback very seriously, so please leave reviews wherever applicable!

Terpenes are king at Endo, we believe they are an integral part of cannabis products and their experience. In both our own grows and the product we stock in our store, we look for unique terpene profiles and minor cannabinoid ratios over THC count. We like to use wine as an example, because a wine lover will look for unique smells and tastes over alcohol percentage. Weed is similar, where terpenes and other cannabinoids are what guides your high and experience, and THC determines how high you get. Our mission is to stay up-to-date in cannabis research and we are ready to educate!

Our Team

Endo was founded by a small Santa Fe family and we are proud to call Santa Fe our home. Our staff are all talented in different fields, and helped get us to where we are today. We are proud of our exceptional customer service, and it is our mission to make sure you have the best experience possible when entering our store.

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Endo in the News

Huge thanks to the Santa Fe Reporter and Santa Fe New Mexican for featuring us!

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