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Black Blue Magoo

Purple punch x Blue Heron

Endo selected this strain to be one of our flagship products because of its vigor, yield, smell, taste, stability and resistance, unique colors and superb genetics. According to Dynasty Genetics, which designed this plant, all seeds were grown organically indoors without the use of chemicals, pesticides or hormones. Dynasty is a top drawer outfit which has been providing stable, medicinal cannabis strains for over 20 years, striving to preserve and stabilize existing genetics. Their testing facilities span a wide variety of grow methods from indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, coco, soil, organic and synthetics.

Blue Heron, one parent strain of Black Blue Magoo, is an indica-dominant hybrid also bred by Dynasty Seeds. Blue Heron brings euphoric flight to both mind and body. Blue Heron was in turn parented by Blue Magoo and Huckleberry. Black Blue Magoo takes after her Blue Heron parent in its structure and blueberry, rose, and citrus aroma.

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